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If you are facing the possibility of an IRS or state collection action, a tax consultation from Taxpayers Clinic could be one of the best possible decisions you could make. By making the decision to get a tax consultation from us, you can expect the expert advice, guidance and representation needed to get you through the various IRS or state collection processes as quickly, cheaply, and painlessly as possible.

You owe the IRS, but you can’t pay the IRS – so you’re in a bind. The good news for you is you may qualify for the Offer in Compromise program through the IRS. What is the Offer in Compromise from the IRS?  It is an agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer’s debt for less than what is actually owed. The offer in compromise program is very complex, time consuming, and can take as little as 3 months with others taking longer to complete. Taxpayers Clinic will evaluate your qualifications for an offer in compromise, review with you the process and possible outcomes.  If the offer in compromise program is the best resolution for you, Taxpayers Clinic will prepare, submit and negotiate a professional and knowledgeable request for you. Stop ignoring the large gorilla in the room and let Taxpayers Clinic help you resolve your tax debt issues.

"Taxpayers Clinic helped my family with a tax issue with the IRS. They set expectations from the beginning, effectively communicated throughout the process and achieved a satisfactory resolution. I highly recommend this team and would use them again."

K Payne

Georgia (from Google Reviews)


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Taxpayers Clinic specializes in tax resolution. Our tax professionals are former IRS Collection Division employees whose work experience inside the IRS averages 25 years. We understand the system and how it works. This allows us to help resolve your IRS problems quickly, efficiently and within proper ethical bounds.

Our unique professional staff consists of former IRS employees whose previous positions include:

  • Senior Revenue Officer
  • Supervisory Revenue Officer
  • Collection Group Manager
  • Chief, Field Branches Chief
  • Special Procedures Chief
  • Collection Division District
  • Director Assistant
  • Regional Commissioner – Collection

100% Former IRS

For over 40 years, our professional staff has been made up exclusively of IRS retirees. We affectionately refer to it as a monopoly on competence. We believe it is largely responsible for our track record of 99.99% client satisfaction.

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