IRS Back Taxes Misconceptions (Part 2)

IRS Misconception #5:  I’m in This Alone and No One Can Help Me

Not true. You might be shocked to learn that more than 20 million Americans owe some amount of back taxes. According to the most recent data from the IRS, Americans owed over $114 billion in back taxes, penalties, and interest in 2020. And, as we’ve all learned by now, where there’s money, scam artists aren’t far behind. In recent years, a number of companies have appeared who claim to help taxpayers resolve back tax debt. It’s disturbing, but true, that the majority have been proven to be scammers and fraudulent companies. They know you’re worried and stressed, and that vulnerability makes it easy for them to prey on you. Some charge as much as $5,000 just to “look into” your situation. Often, they take months to come back with disappointing news – they can’t really help you. Our belief – based on the many reports we’ve read over the years, and what the Better Business Bureau has reported, is that many of these companies are fraudulent.

It makes you skeptical of the entire process. It’s why we never take a case unless we are fully confident it will end in the absolute best possible outcome for you. We’re the good guys and that’s one of the ways we prove it to you. We’ve removed the risk the shady operators have made you wary of. You’re right to be skeptical, we understand. Again, we only take cases that we are confident will end in the best possible result for you. We are intentionally affordable, and we know the process inside-out.

Our retired IRS Revenue Officers are experts. Only now they’re working for the other team – the taxpayer! Really, there’s no one better, or more trustworthy to have on your side. We know there are a lot of sharks out there and realize there’s a possibility you may have lost money to them, or your hope, or both. If it sounds like we’re pitching you here, we are. Only because we’re certain we can get you results, relieve your stress and allow you to get your life back on track. You’re naturally skeptical and we don’t blame you. We’ve been helping taxpayers for more than four decades. We’re not a fly-by-night operation trying to make hay out of a bad situation. Our reputation is on the line and we stand by our promises.

IRS Misconception #6:  My Accountant Is The Best Person To Help Me Get Tax Relief

Unfortunately, it’s just not true. There really isn’t any opportunity to obtain any level of education on the methods used by the IRS. There’s no concise guide to taxpayers’ rights (at least none that “regular” people can understand), and very few people – in any profession – know how to achieve real tax relief. It’s rare to find an accountant who knows how to communicate with the IRS Collection Division. Accountants are not required to take, nor is there a course in any academic institution that teaches anyone how to navigate the IRS Collections’ process. So, while your accountant knows a lot about preparing taxes, he or she probably knows very little about how to get closure on your past tax debts. It may seem odd, but the IRS is a highly specialized agency and the only people who know its inner workings are people who have been employed by the IRS. Then, to have gained the specialized knowledge to help resolve tax issues they must have worked in the collection department – Specialized knowledge inside a specialized agency. You can see why we hire retired IRS Revenue Officers. They know, and can do, what virtually no one else can. When they use that knowledge and know-how to your advantage, you get results. Period. Proven. Over and over again.

IRS Misconception #7:  If I Avoid the IRS, They’ll Go Away

Don’t do it! If you avoid the IRS, your situation will only get worse. Until they collect every dime and dollar you owe, or you return their calls and talk to them (or engage us to do that on your behalf), they’ll continue to escalate their collection efforts. They will use everything in their arsenal to collect what you owe, including levies, seizures and more. And, it happens fast. You want to avoid this scenario, believe us. Unless you’ve notified them otherwise, the IRS assumes you can pay your tax debt and they’ll continue to pursue you UNTIL you properly notify them you can’t afford to pay. If you prove to the IRS you can’t afford to pay, they can relieve you of payment of most of your debt and put you back into good standing. No more chasing. No more phone calls, letters and threats. NO surprise visits to your home or work. They will leave you alone. Avoiding the IRS is the worst thing you can do. They won’t go away and your debt will mount quickly as they add penalties and interest. They’ll continue to hound you and you’ll feel worse and worse as time marches on and the debt grows exponentially larger. Take a proactive stance and reach out to us at Taxpayers Clinic. Imagine being on the way to ending this nightmare once and for all.

IRS Misconception #8: I Should Hire One of Tax Relief Companies that Advertise on TV

Don’t do it. We hate to have to say it, but there is just no way around it: The tax resolution industry is full of crooks and bad actors. They prey on your fear and vulnerability. They sound official and try and put your mind at ease – they know you’re longing for someone to just take this problem off your shoulders. Beware…There have been numerous news stories about, and government prosecutions of, companies that claim to provide tax relief but actually do nothing at all except take your money. It’s sad, it’s astonishing, but it’s true. It infuriates us that these companies cheat people – intentionally – knowing you’re vulnerable, and scared of the IRS.

What they’re doing is committing fraud, plain and simple. There’s no way (and really no reason) to sugarcoat it. There are some more scrupulous companies, but most charge hefty fees, and never seem to arrive at a result. Many of them talk a good game, but a game it is. They often make matters much worse by playing hide and seek with the IRS. They situate themselves in the middle of the action (between the IRS and the taxpayer, without giving much information), which is a point of aggravation for the IRS, and one you want to avoid being part of. The IRS respects – and responds to – direct and proper communication on their terms. They are also well aware of these bad actors and are not happy about their behavior. Associating with one of these companies is not a situation you want to risk putting yourself in.

IRS Misconception #9: My Situation is Different

Not true. Almost everyone we talk to thinks their situation is unique. “That’s great for that other person, but my situation is different. I’m pretty sure Taxpayers Clinic can’t help me. I owe taxes because…” There is no place on the IRS form asking for any information about WHY you owe. Did you read that carefully? It doesn’t matter WHY you owe taxes. If you can’t pay, you can get relief. There is zero subjectivity in the process. IRS representatives are not allowed to exert any judgment about your personal financial decisions. It just does not factor in. So no matter how you got there, the only question to be asked and answered is whether or not you can afford to pay what you owe. Period. End of story.

Taxpayers Clinic is designed to follow the IRS program for people who can’t afford to pay. Whatever reason you got into the situation and no matter why you can’t pay – these DO NOT FACTOR IN. Hopefully, that’s a relief to hear. It is for most people who owe back taxes. We realize we’ve hit some points a few times in this short report. We’ve learned that when people are in a stressful situation, they sometimes need to hear a message several times, in several ways. Especially when dealing with the IRS. Many people find the IRS mysterious, hard to understand and in some instances, terrifying. We’ve heard stories about people who owe taxes that would make you sick. Divorce. Depression. Hopelessness. Yet, the bottom line remains true: If you owe the IRS money you can’t afford to pay, regardless of how you came to owe the debt or how much you owe, Taxpayers Clinic can help you. Of course, everyone’s situation is different. However, the process is not. You can either afford to pay, or you can’t. But, if you owe back taxes, Taxpayers Clinic can help you get THE BEST arrangement for your personal circumstance, and you’ll have a reasonable and affordable resolution plan.

We encourage you to put your tax nightmare behind you. You can get started by calling us at: 800.398.7064 or visiting and click on Get Started with Taxpayers Clinic.

Don’t spend another minute worrying about the IRS. Don’t you want to be saying what Jamie Routh did:

“I wish I had known about Taxpayers Clinic sooner. The ONLY person who actually knew what to do was the former IRS Revenue Officer (not the attorneys and accountants I paid much more money to). Don’t go through years of anxiety and stress like I did. Call Taxpayers Clinic and get on with your life.”

We hope this report has put your mind at ease. We encourage you to take the next step and engage Taxpayers Clinic to solve your tax problem, put your mind at ease and allow yourself to get back to living a normal life and planning for your future.

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