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What to do when the IRS wants to levy your wages. No HR professional wants to break that news to an employee. Now you and your employees can get expert help on getting that IRS wage garnishment or levy stopped and released, usually within 24 hours. The initial advice and consulting services are free and confidential.

f the IRS levies (seizes) your wages, part of your wages will be sent to the IRS each pay period until:

  • You make other arrangements to pay your overdue taxes,
  • The amount of overdue taxes you owe is paid, or
  • The levy is released.

Part of your wages may be exempt from the levy and the exempt amount will be paid to you. The exempt amount is based on the standard deduction and an “amount determined” calculated in part based on the number of dependents you are allowed for the year the levy is served. The IRS mails Publication 1494 with the levy which explains to your employer how to determine the amount exempt from levy. Your employer will provide you with a Statement of Dependents and Filing Status to complete and return within three days. If you do not return the statement in three days, your exempt amount is figured as if you are married filing separately with no dependents (zero). If you have other income sources, the IRS may allocate the exemptions to the other income source and levy on 100% of the income from a particular employer.

As easy as this sounds, you want to get it right. As the nation’s largest and oldest professional firm devoted solely to the resolution of Internal Revenue Service collection matters, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Taxpayers Clinic is the acknowledged leader in our field.

We pride ourselves on integrity and have helped thousands of taxpayers in all 50 states for over 40 years. And, since our professional staff is comprised of 100% retired former IRS Collection Division employees whose experience averages 25 years each, we understand exactly how the system works.

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